Kaen Kaew Soap is distilled from best quality mangosteen and it is the only one and the best intellect from mangosteen in Thailand. As we know, people at all ages face health problems and other problems that occur with the skin; heat rash, prickly heat, dry skin, wound from an abnormality of the lymphatic system, etc. Some people go to consult with the doctor but their symptom is still the same. Then, Mr. Samart Korngnork invented the Thai herbal soap that is distilled from mangosteen in the name of “Kaen Kaew Herbal soap”.

We have 4 formulas of product




Rice milk

New and better appearance

There are various benefits of Kaen Kaew Soap. It can be used to clean your face and make your skin soft and smooth. Moreover, major properties in natural extracts from mangosteen skin will remove unwanted odor from your body and intimate area. Kaen Kaew soap also suppress bacterial growth, reduce inflammation, treat skin rash or pus, shrink the pores on your face, repair the skin, prevent free radical damage, and remove blackheads without any side effect. From all benefits, Kaen Kaew soap is now used as facial care product.

Mangosteen skin contains special substance that has an effect on suppressing bacteria that cause a wound and it will boost white blood cells and make it easier to dispose of bacteria. Mangosteen skin also contains glycerin that will surface your skin to keep moister after bathing and your skin will not be dry and rough.


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